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Lynne White Enterprises, also known as Seattle Feng Shui Insights, offers instruction, workshops, private consultations, cerimonious house closings and blessings, and state-certified clockhour instruction for real estate agents. Lynn White Enterprises is based in the Pacific Northwest. Lynne White is an experienced real estate and feng shui professional with extensive knowledge in spiritual energy, including Heartwork with Ralfee Finn, the Five Elements with Stewart Edwards of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine as introduced by Elliot Cowan. She studied this ancient Chinese art at Feng Shui Design in Grass Valley, California. Her deep understanding of spirituality and the art of buying and selling houses will help increase your marketability. Feng Shui, or wind and water, is the art of adjusting energy in your home or office to maximize harmony and balance. Home adjustments and enhancements, like placement of objects, furnishings and use of color, can benefit all areas of your life in addition to your environment.

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